Overlooked Cats

This page is dedicated to F2F’s special needs or overlooked cats. We wanted a separate page for our disabled and special needs cats -- not to pull  heartstrings, but to feature F2F cats that, in spite of their disabilities, have survived and are enjoying their lives (with human help).  We also have cats that, for reasons completely unknown to us, are continually overlooked, yet they are perfectly fine and lovable cats who very much want  homes of their own.


This page simply features our cats that are often lost among the many adoptable healthy or more outgoing ones, and need a little more exposure and focused attention to find their new owners. 


If you are interested in adopting any of our special needs or overlooked cats, please visit us at our shelter, or email us at info@faithful2felines.com for more information.

These are the shelter's FIV+ cats, all of whom are among the friendliest cats you will ever meet.  Cats who test positive for FIV live long, healthy, indoor lives, and very rarely develop the full-blown virus.