Faithful To Felines Adoption Application

About You

PLEASE NOTE: We can only accept applications from the potential owner. We do not accept applications on behalf of other family members.
You must be 18 years of age or older to adopt a cat or kitten from Faithful to Felines
E.g. spare bedroom or bathroom

Adoption Request

Cat Health and Wellbeing

Conditions of Terms

Owner Acknowledgement

I hereby acknowledge the responsibilities of a pet caretaker and that I must provide food, water, shelter and exercise for my cat.

I understand that the cat or kitten I will be adopting has been tested, vaccinated, de-wormed and examined by a licensed veterinarian. I understand that the adoption fee is to help defray the costs involved in caring for and treating this cat or kitten prior to adoption.

I will have my cat examined by a veterinarian within five (5) days of this adoption. I understand that if I return the cat for any reason my adoption donation will not be refunded, except if my veterinarian determines that my cat has a potentially fatal disease or non-curable condition upon examination within the first five (5) days after the adoption. I must submit proof of the cat’s unsound condition by submitting a written, signed and dated veterinarian’s statement at the time the cat is returned.

I understand that Faithful to Felines is not responsible for the temperament or any medical bills incurred by the treatment of this cat.

I agree that if I cannot keep the above-described cat for any reason whatsoever, I will return the cat ONLY to Faithful to Felines and will arrange to schedule the return of the cat.

I agree to grant volunteers for Faithful to Felines the right to make periodic visits, if so determined, to my premises for the purpose of checking on the well-being of the above-described cat.