Bissell’s Empty the Shelter Event

F2F ETS Success!

Faithful to Feline’s was pleased to have participated in another awesome Empty the Shelter event courtesy of Bissell’s Pet Foundation.

Because of this event we were able to reduce our adoption fee to just $25 for each cat or kitten to go to their forever home! 

 July we were also able  to have some kitties at Petco as well. This brought our grand total up to 41 adoptions in all! We are incredibly thankful to have found so may forever homes for our cats. When we find a forever home for 1 cat that gives us the space to take in another homeless cat.

Here is the break down of each day:

Pictures can be found on our Facebook page!



Let’s give homeless pets the second chance they deserve.

Millions of pets are in shelters and rescues across the nation. BISSELL Pet Foundation is committed to ending pet homelessness and finding a loving home for every pet. It’s a big goal, but you can help us make it happen.”


Congratulations to Trey, Finny and Paddy, Smokey, Cuddles and Lil Bob, Mini (Staying forever with his foster family), Bunny, Ash, Luxo, Fifi, George and Ren.


A very exciting day of adoptions at Petco.  Chickster, Laverne, Chipmunk, Grace, Kevin,

Squiggy, and Sweet Tarts are orphans no more.



Another exciting day of adoptions for the Bissell Empty the Shelter Event.  8 more cats now have a home to call their own.  Congratulations Butterscotch, Shrimp, Amy, Chickaboom, Blueberry, Saffron, Lady, and Savina.

07/10/ 2021 

Another 8 adoptions today through the Bissell Empty the Shelter Event.  Congratulations Bryce, Kitty Kitty, Beanie, Fudge and Lenny, Arietta, Odell, and Jean Louise on your forever homes.


07/11/ 2021

We wrapped our Bissell Empty the Shelter Event up today with 5 adoptions.  Nova, Athena, and Bruce were adopted by their foster families. Dash and Leonardo are off to their new homes.


Thank you so much West Michigan. 

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