Faithful to Felines is on mission to bring awareness about FIV positivity! 

For the month of March all of our FIV cats have a reduced adoption fee of $40!

Faithful To Felines is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cat shelter located in beautiful West Michigan at 2525 Hall Rd. Muskegon, MI 49442. As a non-profit we run entirely on donations from the public, grants, and our tireless volunteers. F2F is one of the few shelters that take in, house and adopt out FIV+ cats

Historically, FIV- positive cats have often been considered un-adoptable and are euthanized in many shelters. However, new research has shown that FIV-positive cats are in fact very adoptable and can live the same lifespan as an FIV-negative cat. This research has also debunked the myth that FIV- positive cats cannot safely live with non- infected cats. That is why many veterinarians, including the feline medicine experts at the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), suggest shelters and owners never opt for euthanasia based on a positive test alone (vbspcaadmin, 2020). 

We want the public to be well informed. Veterinary medical professionals are doing continuous research to develop a deeper understanding of FIV positive cats; Because of this we want everyone to know that FIV is NOT a death sentence.

We have worked with FIV+ cats for years and have successfully found loving forever homes for them.  All cats have their own purr-sonailites of course but, we really think our FIV+ cats are the best in town. 

You can click on any cat below to get forwarded to our PetFinder page.

You can also call us at 231-773-3030 or email us at If you see a cat you have to meet, please message us right away as we cannot guarantee that someone else has not fallen in love with the same cat. Thank you for considering adoption! 

Meet our Cuties

SNAGGLEPUSS is a boy who spent the first year of his life out on the country roads.

As a young unaltered boy, scrounging for food and a place to stay, he must have gotten into some pretty serious fights. He came to us with a big, open wound on his neck and many other scars to prove it. The fleas were eating him alive and, not surprisingly, he tested positive for FIV.

After about a month with us he was all healed up and ready to be neutered. He now weighs in at a sturdy 12#, he goes along to get along even when his roommates get a little nosy. It’s safe to say he doesn’t miss his outdoor life.

He is very laid back and wont seek out attention but does love to be loved on. He seems like a sweet guy that now deserves to have a safe, loving home! SNAGGLEPUSS is FIV+ but can live a long and normal life. 

Please call us or stop in during open hours or call to make an appointment to meet Snagglepuss!


LIONEL was a stray in the neighborhood that had fought a good fight and had the battle scars to prove it. 
Here is what Lionel’s foster had to say, 

Lionel was found in rough shape begging for food. When the woman who’s home he was begging at opened her door one day he walked right in. He LOVES to be held. He was around my dog only briefly when he stayed at my house due to concerns about fleas but he didn’t seem to pay her much attention or mind her presence. I have 2 kids age 4 and 10 and again he was only around them briefly but had no issues with them. My 4 yr old was there Saturday and he was calm around her. He had been beaten up pretty badly and was very sad. He wanted attention and love and didn’t want to leave my arms. 

I have 4 cats too and he didn’t pay them much mind. We kept them separate in case he was FIV (which is is) bc my cats were on antibiotics recovering from URI and didn’t want them to get fleas either. But he made no nasty snarls or grumbles even when all 4 of them sat outside the door trying to figure out who he was. I held him in the living room for a bit before quarantining him and he made no efforts to attack or hiss at any other cats.”

Please call us or stop in during open hours or call to make an appointment to meet Lionel!

SYBIL (DOB 11/2019) is pretty shy. She can be coaxed for a pet but is still unsure. She will approach you slowly. She is curious and watchful. If you sit on the floor she will sit on your lap and bury her head in your arm. She needs to feel safe. She enjoys having her head rubbed and may offer up her belly for scratches.

SYBIL is FIV+ but can live a long and happy life. She was left in a carrier on the sidewalk outside the shelter, which had to be traumatizing. 

Please call us or stop in during open hours or call to make an appointment to meet Sybil!



MOREY is a 5 year old who is  FIV+. He was found as a stray during the freezing winter weather. Morey was not in good shape when he first came to us but has successfully been on the road to recovery!

He is a big jowly guy who just needs a little more time to start trusting the people around him again. Once he trusts you he is not afraid to ask for a couple of belly rubs. 

Please call us or stop in during open hours or call and make an appointment to meet Morey!

FITZ originally came from Florida!! Somehow he showed up in MI.

He has a microchip but sadly the registered info went nowhere. He is a good looking cat that is very sweet and has a loud purr motor. He starts to purr as soon as you get close to him!!

FITZ is very sweet and loves attention. He enjoys sitting next to you. He loves neck and cheek rubs. He is FIV+ but can live a long, normal life.

Check out his video on youTube!

Please call us or stop in during open hours or call to make an appointment to meet Fitz!


JASPER is FIV+ and is friendly with people he gets to know, he was friendly with his owner’s cats. He likes to be petted, followed his owner around. He likes to lean against people, likes to lay with his paws touching you, plays with toys, rolls around a lot.

He is very confused right now and having a bit of a struggle adjusting to shelter life. He was brought to F2F because he lived with a senior, deaf and blind cat and the owner felt it was too stressful for her. Check him out on YouTube!

Please call us or stop in during open hours or call for an appointment to meet Jasper!

EVANDER is a very lovable boy cat. He is around 2 years old and likes to give hugs and needs a lap to call his own. He is a lynx point Siamese mix and handsome as can be!

Please stop in during our open hours or call for an appointment to meet Evander!

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