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Many non-profits say that volunteers are the backbone of their charity. For us, we go further to say that volunteers aren’t just the backbone of F2F — they are everything.

They are the arms, legs, feet, hands, and brains of F2F. Without our volunteers, we simply could not be. For that reason, we are grateful for the dedicated men and women who work tirelessly for F2F to make sure that our cats and kittens get the best care possible during their time with us, until they go to their forever homes.

If you would like to be part of the solution and join our team, please let us know. Outside of the care of providing fresh food and water for the cats, and cleaning their litter boxes, which are daily priorities, there is a range of other opportunities for volunteers. In fact, most of our volunteers multi-task, or at least they do now!

To become a F2F volunteer, please contact You can also print out and mail a VOLUNTEER APPLICATION to Faithful to Felines, 2525 Hall Road, Muskegon, MI 49442. Or, stop by the shelter during open hours and fill out an application.


Gail has been with F2F since 2017! She responds to emails and calls, sets up appointments for fosters, assists with arranging and coordinating surrenders and anything else the shelter, cats, and community needs. We are so lucky to have you, Gail!

Gail’s Fun Facts: Gail once caught a baby 5 foot long Sturgeon and is a former professional Kite Flier of Giant oversized kites. She was also in charge of kite displays at various Kite Festivities!


Faith has been with F2F since August 2006. We have been lucky to have Faith as a volunteer for almost 15 years! She does it all (How lucky are we?!). She cleans our community cat rooms, helps medicate our sick cats, co-run rummage sales, fosters and various jobs around the shelter! If you need help with something or have any questions, ask Faith. Thank you Faith!



Marcia takes on our new volunteers and shows them the ropes! Marcia started volunteering in animal rescue in 2008 after she retired and came over to F2F almost 4 years ago. We knew Marcia would be awesome at helping new volunteers so as soon as she walked in the door, we asked her, “Marcia, will you please be a rock-star and coordinate our volunteers.” Thankfully, she said, “Yes!” Marcia has now been responsible for our weekly scheduling of our 60-70 volunteers ever since.

Marcia works open hours 2 nights a week and is the co-author our public (Amazing!) FB page. She also enjoys filling in when transport help is needed

Volunteer Opportunities

We are completely thrilled you are interested in taking this step!

The more volunteers we have the bigger the difference we can make. 

Volunteer opportunities: 

  • Most volunteers will commit 1 day a week for 1.5 – 2 hours of cleaning 2 of our community rooms and doing some laundry. 


  • Volunteer Opportunities : This is a list of the various volunteer opportunities that are available through F2F. Please review this list so that you can make an informed decision as to which position or positions best match your interests and abilities. You must be 18 years or older or have a trained adult volunteer such as a parent or older sibling accompany you at all time to be considered for any volunteer positions. 


  • Cat Keeper/TLC Giver : Every cat needs fresh food, clean water and litter box, and clean places to sleep. We need responsible and reliable people to clean everyday (Weekends and Holidays included). Regular exercise and socialization can greatly improve the quality of an animals life (and yours!). This job makes a HUGE difference when it comes to the cat’s adoptability. This position requires someone who loves cats and has patience. This is an invaluable part of our family at F2F.


  • Shy Cat Socializer: We occasionally have cats that need a little more attention and a gentle human hand. This person should be very patient and understanding. Plan to bring a book to read or work to do as most times this role includes sitting in a cat room and letting the kitties come to you. 


  • Groomers : Amateur to professional groomers with some time to give? Our kitties could always use some sprucing up! This will also get them used to being brushed and bathed. Plus they are so much more adoptable when they are soft, fuzzy and clean!


  • Special Events : When we have special events, it is always nice to have more volunteers than kitties. That way we can have volunteers talk with possible adopters about a particular cat. 


  • Fundraising/donations: Help come up with and initiate Fundraising/Donation ideas. Any monies from the fundraising/ donations will help better the kitties!  


  • Recycling: We often have donations in the form of pop cans and need someone who would be willing to take them back for us. 


  • Petco/Transportation: When COVID restrictions are over we have cats that need to be transported to PETCO and someone to help with the adoption process. F2F takes some of our cats to Baker College for spay/neutering.


  • Foster Families! 


  • Any many more opportunities! 


Click here to download and fill out a copy of our Volunteer form – you can send this in by mail or stop by during open hours. Thank you! 

Foster Information

Fostering provides a safe and healthy environment for kittens to grow. With weaker immune systems, kittens are more prone to getting sick in shelter settings where they are exposed to various animals. Kittens under eight weeks old—who cannot survive on their own without continuous care—are especially vulnerable. (ASPCA, 2019).
Aside from kittens, we occasionally have senior cats that need a home environment or cats that require socialization with humans. We rely on our fosters to help us care for these cats.
Fostering is free to you. We provide food, cat litter and medical care until the kittens are old enough to come and live at the shelter (or go to PETCO).
If you would like to learn more about fostering, contact us at

Other Opportunities

We are a Department of Agriculture certified shelter. We have our own established building. While this is a HUGE blessing and gives us a place to take in cats and a place to hold events!  It also comes with costs of maintenance. We strive to keep our building safe and presentable for our cats and the public. If you would like to help F2F in anyway please feel free to email, call or contact us on Facebook. 

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