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Donations are essential to the success of our shelter. All donations are used for maintaining our shelter, our cat’s every day needs, veterinary care and more! No donation is too small and we can never say thank you enough! You make the world a better place for homeless cats and kittens. 


Support F2F through Giveback Programs



Amazon Smile 

If you would like more information on how to do this click here. You will be redirected to a document with instructions on how to use Amazon Smile. 

Chewy Gives Back

Do you want to donate but can’t make it to our shelter? Shop our Chewy Wishlist. Chewy’s new Chewy Give Back program allows you to donate and Chewy will do the shipping! Click here and you will be redirected to our Wishlist. 


Litter for Good

Did you know that when you buy a jug of cat’s pride litter they donate 1 lb. of litter to a shelter? Follow this link and by signing up and nominating Faithful to Felines you are giving us a better chance to be that lucky shelter that receives donated litter. 

Donate to our Yard Sale



If you have something you would like to donate but don’t see it on our list, we occasionally accept non-cat related items for our yard sale.
However, please call, Facebook message, or email us first regarding these donations. 

Our Ongoing Wishlist



Next time you go shopping take a copy of our Wishlist with you. 

You can click here to download a plain copy of the list.