Fostering is a life-saving adventure!

Thank you for taking the first steps to become a foster at Faithful to Felines (or thinking seriously about it!) If the shelter is the heart of our operation our fosters are the blood that gives the shelter life.

Without fosters, we would not have the ability to rescue and care for some of our most critical, young, or under-socialized cats and kittens. The goal of this page is to help our future foster families understand what is needed to become a foster parent at Faithful to Felines, requirements, and to hopefully answer some questions you may have.

If you still have questions about fostering, we would be more than happy to speak with you further! We can be reached on Facebook, by email, by phone, or by stopping in during our open hours. Thank you again from the bottom of all our feline-loving hearts.  Because of fostering we can save so many more lives!

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Types of Cats that are in need of foster homes

Are you a foster candidate? Please consider the following questions 


To foster at F2F you must: 

What we can offer you

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